KANEKO Tomoyuki


(face) He is an associate professor at the Department of "Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies" and "Multi-Disciplinary Sciences [Systems Sciences]" at Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo. His interest is machine learning in games.



For International Students

We call for international students who want to study artificial intelligence (especially, machine learning and/or games) in our group (laboratory) as their master program or PhD program, in Applied computer science course in Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies / Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies.
See reading list for possible research topics.

The questions in the entrance examination are usually provided with (unofficial) English translations, see (past problems). Note that the primary language is Japanese in most lectures.

FYI: study in Japan


Education: He received his Bachelor of Liberal Arts in from the University of Tokyo in Japan and his M.S. (Multidisciplinary Sciences) and Ph.D. degrees from the same university.

Professional experience: Assistant Professor in Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in the University of Tokyo (2002-), Associate Professor (2012-), Associate Professor in Interfuclty Initiative in Information Studies (2015-).

Awards: Academic activities: Lectures


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