General System Studies,

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,

the University of Tokyo

Computing System Research Group

Basic researches in the field of computer science and engineering are begin performed under a colabolative and cooperative research environment with several research units. The units belong to the division of Multi-disciplinary sciences: General System Studyies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo. The research fileds cover a wide range of system science and computing.

While many unique and attractive researches are carried out individually, a lot of colaborative works have been planned on the basis of computer science, yeilding fruitful results.

Research Topics and Staff of each units

Kanai lab.
Tanaka lab.
Yamaguchi Yasushi lab.
Yamaguchi Kazunori lab.
kanekolab Kaneko lab.
Morihata lab.
Matsushima lab.
Kobayashi lab.
Nakamaru lab.